About Hope for the Destitute

Since its beginning in 2002, Hope for the Destitute has ministered to HIV/AIDS orphaned children to help them become Disciples of Christ. Hope for the Destitute helps the orphaned children attain a Christian-based education, assists with any health issues, reaches out to their community with the Gospel of Christ, supports their efforts to become self-sufficient, and challenges them to help rid Africa of HIV/AIDS through faith, sexual purity and marital fidelity. With the prayers and generous support of Christian churches and individuals, Hope for the Destitute is able to reach out to the suffering children and share the love of Jesus. Through Christ they know they are not alone, and have a Father in Heaven who loves them as His precious children.



Rev. Dr. Bishop Joseph Ochola Omolo

Hope for the Destitute was started in 2005 by Rev. Joseph Ochola Omolo and his wife Ruth. Dr. Omolo grew up as an orphan and wanted to help other children who struggle with the hardships that result from it. Dr. Omolo currently serves as the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya.


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