How to Sponsor a Child through Hope for the Destitute


When you sponsor a child, you’ll be connected with a boy or girl who will know your name and treasure the thought that you care. Your support of $50 per month, only $600 per year) provides life-changing opportunities for elementary students. Support of $100 month provides for a high school students. All students receive

  • An opportunity to attend or stay in school;
  • Medical care, often life-saving;
  • Nourishing food;
  • Mentoring and a safe environment;
  • Most importantly, opportunities to hear the Gospel.

Because the budget is so small for Hope for the Destitute and the opportunities to help children so big, you may not get mail back from your child, but be assured that they WILL know you by your love. You will receive a picture and a little background information about your child.

Allow God to work through you in the life of a child in poverty.
Sponsor a child today

Donations by check should be made payable to Aboite Lutheran Church and sent to the following address:

Aboite Lutheran Church

10312 Aboite Center Rd.

Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Please indicate Hope For The Destitute in the memo section of the check.

Coming soon: PayPal links for online payments.

These children need more than money.

As you go about your daily routines and during your prayer time,
please include this child in your thoughts and prayers.


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