Some organizations have built orphanage homes to care for children, which is good for younger children and children whose relatives cannot be traced. Our method encourages and empowers relatives of the orphaned child to take care of the orphan themselves. Relatives are thankful when they are encouraged to and assisted in taking care of the orphan. With strong ties to their relatives the orphaned children are not detached from the home and family life. Staying with relatives within the locality also helps the orphan secure inheritance his/her parents may have left. When we identify a child whom we want to put into our program, we not only encourage but also empower a close relative to take the orphan into his/her family.

A majority of our students are extremely poor. With financial help they are able to attend school. Older students may go to a public secondary school or community college. For the younger students, we have founded the Kibos Hope Academy. Younger students attend Kibos Hope Academy from grades 1-7. We have now grown to a school of more than 150 students, with 8 teachers and 5 staff members.

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As a faith-based organization, we not only want to educate orphaned children, but also teach them to grow as children of God, be baptized and confirmed. These seminars teach the children the Word, the Catechism, and how to cope with life. We organize seminars in various locations to better reach out to the local youth, sometimes as many as 300 at a time. Our week-long seminars provide food, water, and teaching for the children. At the end of the seminar, children can be baptized and confirmed.

The Farm Project

The farm project was started with the intent that Hope for the Destitute will be self-sustainable with the local resources the Lord has provided. We plan to purchase 30 acres of farmland, a tractor, plow, trailer and other farm equipment. Our first harvest of sugarcane on 12 acres of land in 2010 was a great success. We will also plant maize to generate more income locally. Our farm equipment can be rented to other local farmers to help them succeed and also generate income.

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