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Kibos Hope academy

School Van: $25,000

The van is used to bring water and some children living far from school.

Digging a Well (borehole) for water in the school: $30,000

Long Term Goal: Building a permanent school with bricks:  $300,000.

We are looking for the support to build a permanent school with classrooms and dorms.

Widow Shelter Program

Build a home: $1000


This is a housing project for widows who take care of orphans. $1000 includes a semi-private mud house with iron sheets. A widow in her house will get a place to sleep, together with her children or grandchildren, a place to cook her meal and a place to bring up children the Lord has given her.

Yearly Catechetical Seminar: $1000

This yearly catechetical seminar brings about 300 children (including children from the local area churches) together to hear the word of God and share their experience. Local pastors are invited to teach students about Lutheranism, and discuss social various social issues. This event costs $1000.

Farm Project

Piece of Land—40 acres: $1500 per acre = $60,000

This is an income generating-project for the organization. By raising and harvesting crops, Hope for the Destitute can provide a stable source of income for its other projects, while using local resources and contributing to the economy.

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