Building Homes for Widows

 When a man falls victim to AIDS, he has usually spent all of the family’s money on treatment. Many of the widows left have rundown houses. We help widows by giving them a place to lay their head, and empower them to take care of their children. For only $1,000 we construct a simple, local Kenyan house where the widow can remain for many years.

Judith's House

In this picture of one of the houses built in 2010, Judith stands with her children in front of their old house and in front of the new house built by HFD. When thanking HFD, Judith broke in tears as she narrates what the Lord has done for her. Her eldest son Samuel Opiyo did so well in the Primary school national exams that he was able to move on to secondary school. Like several widows here, Judith prays that the Lord will provide financial help to enable her to start a small business and support her children.

Josinter's Old House

A small thatched hut in Kenya
The widow Josinter's old house

Josinter's New House

New small home built in Kenya by Hope for the Destitute
Josinter's new house
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